See what leaders in our community say about Andrew


Sally Harrell

State Senator, District 40

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"My friend Andrew Ziffer has a long history of being deeply involved with our schools and communities in Region 1. Andrew understands how system accountability directly relates to every student in the classroom, and he sincerely cares that each child has a positive learning experience."

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Scott Holcomb

State Representative, District 81

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“I support Andrew Ziffer for the DeKalb County Board of Education. Andrew will be a champion for our students, serve the entire community, and push for greater transparency.”


Matthew Wilson

State Representative, District 80

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Representative Wilson's Voter's Guide endorses Andrew Ziffer for DeKalb County Board of Education, District 1.

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Joseph Geierman

Mayor, City of Doraville

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“Doraville children have often been forgotten in the debates over Dekalb schools. I support Andrew Ziffer because he has committed to giving Doraville parents a voice in major issues like redistricting and the prioritization of infrastructure improvements for our schools.”


Karen Lupton

Chamblee City Council

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"When I met Andrew last year I was impressed by his many years of volunteer service in DeKalb County Schools. Andrew has seen the issues that both students and teachers struggle with, week in and week out. He's a hands-on, compassionate leader, with sound fiscal sense and a willingness to work for the greater good. The DeKalb County BOE needs more civic-minded leaders like Andrew, who understand that students should be the priority in a public school system!"


Jim Redovian

Past DeKalb County School Board Member

Citizen’s E-SPLOST Oversight Committee Member

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"To all my DeKalb county friends living in the District 1 School Board area. Andrew has spent the last four years investigating and learning the ins and outs of our district as well as the overall County. His job is to represent every child in DeKalb (a state law) and it is so important to understand all that is going on all over the county. I have worked with Andrew on the Principal Advisory Council (PAC) at Dunwoody Elementary, as well as the Peachtree Gateway Council. He has been a leader in each and I highly endorse him in his run for this office."


Kim Gokce

Founder and Board of Directors of Cross Keys Foundation

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"Public education across the U.S. is challenged to transform itself to catch up to reality. Leading DeKalb Schools into the future will require extraordinary determination and patience as well as creativity and collaborative spirit. Andrew Ziffer exhibits all these capabilities. DeKalb is a large and complex system. Andrew has done his homework. He has forged the necessary relationships over a period of years and proven his commitment is true. He is prepared to lead and has my full confidence."


Rebekah Cohen Morris

Doraville City Council

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"Proudly supporting Andrew Ziffer for many reasons but not the least of which is his thoughtfulness and attention to all students in Region 1. I'm not sure many others who have occupied the Region 1 BOE seat have given this much time or thought -- whether in office or on the campaign trail -- to the families along Buford Highway, so I'm looking forward to his leadership."


Stephe Koontz

Doraville City Council 

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"Excited to be here supporting Andrew B Ziffer to be our next DeKalb County School Board Member!"


Suzanne Melan

Dunwoody Elementary School Parent

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Board of Directors

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"As a Dunwoody resident and involved parent, I’ve witnessed Andrew’s passion for our schools first hand. He has a genuine desire to represent all residents in District 1. I am excited to endorse Andrew as our next District 1 board member for Dekalb County Schools!"


Fred Bozzuto

Montgomery Elementary School Parent
Past Chair, Principal Advisory Council (PAC)

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"I’ve known Andrew for over 10 years and have gotten to know him and his family over those years.  I can tell you that Andrew and I have had many debates on political issues over the years.  One thing is for sure, I know Andrew’s heart as he is a great family man and cares a lot about his community.  For Andrew to be willing to run for the Board of Education, he must know in his heart he can really go and make a difference in the lives of the kids of DeKalb.  I endorse Andrew Ziffer because I’ve seen him gain the respect of people who don’t agree with him, because he genuinely cares about people and especially our children."


Amy Holmes-Chavez

Huntley Hills Elementary and Chamblee Middle Parent
Past Member, Principal Advisory Council (PAC) - Chamblee Middle School
Past Member, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) – Chamblee Middle School
Past President, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – Huntley Hills Elementary School

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"I have worked with Andrew on several Region-wide committees and believe he is the right person for Region 1. Andrew has worked with skill and grace across the wide range of stakeholders in Region 1. He believes in improving education for DeKalb kids, and he knows when to push for change, and when to help positive changes take root. Andrew asks great questions, and he offers positive solutions. Andrew is the person Region 1 needs right now."


Ashley Doolittle

Dunwoody High School Parent
Past Chair of Principal Advisory Council (PAC)
Past Parent Teacher Student Organization Member (PTSO)
Past Co-President, Vanderlyn Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
Co-Founder and Communications Chair, Peachtree Gateway Council on Schools (PGCS)
Past Board Member, Edukalb
Past Vice President, Dunwoody-Chamblee Parents Council
Past Stem Committee, Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation

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"Andrew is caring, collaborative and competent. I have personally worked with him on issues with Region 1, and he solves problems logically but with empathy for the good of our schools and community. It’s time for Andrew’s leadership to put students first."


Jennnifer Fenmore

Past Foundation Member, Peachtree Charter Middle School
Past President, Dunwoody Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

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“I have worked with Andrew for many years, first at Dunwoody Elementary and then at Peachtree Charter Middle School. He has always been an engaged parent with a focus on improving the schoolhouse environment. It is good to see parent leaders stepping up to play a bigger role in the success of our DeKalb Schools."


Randi Siegel

Dunwoody High School Parent
Principal Advisory Council (PAC)
Construction Advisory Council (CAC)
Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)
Past Vanderlyn Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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"As an involved parent at Dunwoody High School, we are faced with a variety of school issues.  Andrew is one of the few parents who regularly attends our meetings which shows his vested interest in supporting Region I. Andrew voluntarily made it his goal to learn about the accomplishments and concerns across all our school committees. In addition, I have attended meetings where Andrew was working hard as a volunteer on cross-cluster needs and on the PCMS Foundation. Andrew is about putting students' need first, problem solving, and listening to others. If you are looking for someone who will partner with our community, Andrew is the person to vote for on June 9th."


Sandy Chavarria

Hightower Elementary Parent

(Hightower ES, Peachtree Charter MS, and Dunwoody HS graduate)
Principal Advisory Council (PAC)
Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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"Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to care, to listen, to ask questions, to share your observations, to "walk in someone else's muddy shoes". I am a new parent in the world of school politics, but I feel pretty confident in saying - that was a first, from candidate to BOE or elected - to take a sincere interest in CKHS or any other majority Hispanic/immigrant school. I feel strong empathy for them because we at Hightower share many of the similar issues as the other schools along the BuHi corridor."


Jacob Allen

Dunwoody Elementary Parent
Dunwoody Elementary All Pro Dads Leader

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"Not only have I seen Andrew volunteer in our local elementary school, I have also watched him create a more cohesive community as the President of our neighborhood association. He is a hands-on leader and committed to partnership and community involvement. It is my pleasure to support Andrew Ziffer for DeKalb County School Board."


Sheila Gillispie

Parent Chamblee Middle School

Parent Tapestry Public Charter School 
Past President, Huntley Hills Elementary PTA
Past President, Tapestry Public Charter School PTO

Past Board Member, Chamblee Middle School PAC

Girl Scout Service Unit Director, Chamblee Service Unit

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"I have known Andrew for several years and found him to be conscientious and willing to listen to and understand experiences that are not his own. We have worked together on several cross-cluster events and I am confident that he will be an outstanding member of the Board of Education and advocate for all the students of Dekalb County."


L. Don Richard

Brookhaven Resident

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"Andrew Ziffer had been involved with DeKalb County Schools for over 8 years. He’s committed to making positive changes for our entire school system, our local schools and our students.  When he stepped-up to run for the District 1 School Board seat, I knew we had a winner who would be a strong voice for our future. It is refreshing to hear a candidate talk about community partnership as a way to address the many complex issues we face in our local schools."


Tova Norman

Kingsley Elementary School Parent
President, Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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"DeKalb schools are finally moving in a positive direction, and Andrew's commitment to doing what is right for our children will continue that forward momentum. His willingness to listen to and work with others will be important in building the bridges necessary to move DeKalb forward. Through his volunteer roles, he has shown that he will put in the hard work it will take to make DeKalb County Schools the best they can be."


Juana P. Alzaga

Latino Engagement and Diversity (L.E.A.D.) 

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"It is an honor to endorse Andrew Ziffer for DeKalb County District 1 School Board.  His platform  has deep awareness of our diverse community and its changing demographics.  He is bringing to light overcrowding in our schools, disparities in education and schools’ facility conditions which can impact a child’s education across DCSD.  His message of quality education for all children, transparency, accountability and quality teaching resonates with our disadvantaged communities.  Mr. Ziffer’s message of caring and community engagement will bring a much-needed bridge of understanding and change for underserved children."


Allegra Johnson

Peachtree Charter Middle and Dunwoody High School Parent
Board Member, Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation
Academics Director, Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation
President, DHS Boys Soccer Booster Club

Past Charter Chair, Peachtree Charter Middle School
Past Charter Chair, Kingsley Elementary Charter Council

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"A person who has been advocating for students for years! The parent volunteer with a desire to lead change, not waiting for others but working with others and taking action. Beginning at the schoolhouse level, expanding his attention to high school cluster of schools throughout Region One, the next obvious step to continuing his advocacy of students is to become the next Region One Board Member for DeKalb County School District. Reasons for why I support and ask you to vote for Andrew Ziffer. Make the positive choice."


Long Tran

Board Member, Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation

Past Board Member, Chesnut Elementary Parent Teacher Council

Cub Scout Leader

Local Youth Coach, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball

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"It is my honor to endorse my friend for DeKalb County District 1 School Board Representative. Andrew Ziffer has spent the better part of a decade advocating for and serving students in northern DeKalb. Andrew’s years of establishing partnerships with parents, volunteers, school leadership and community organizations from across the district shows he will be a representative who serves broadly across DeKalb.
I challenged Andrew to reach out to DeKalb’s diverse communities and he stepped up, walking with advocates on Buford Highway. He reached out to families to meet and discuss their concerns with him. He used interpreters for meet and greets with families where English is their second language. Andrew Ziffer will not only bring fiscal responsibility, he knows and understands the needs of every community across Dekalb. Andrew Ziffer will be a school board representative who will work with all of us to serve the families of DeKalb."


Bill Curtis-Davidson

Chesnut Elementary Parent
Dunwoody resident and technology executive

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"As a resident of Dunwoody, and parent of children who have attended Chestnut Charter Elementary School, Peachtree Charter Middle School, and Tapestry Charter School in Doraville, I know very well the challenges that public schools in our area are experiencing. I've known Andrew Ziffer for over 15 years, and have always been impressed by his commitment to his own family, and more importantly to families in our whole District as evidenced by his more than 8 years of volunteering and making an impact in multiple public school committees, councils, and foundations. I'm confident that Andrew will offer a much-needed alternative perspective that will encourage partnership and effective long-term planning while improving the culture and climate of DCSD."

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Kimberly Verska


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"As a person who grew up in Dunwoody and someone who has known Andrew for 10+ years, I would unreservedly endorse Andrew for the School Board. He is a deeply thoughtful, extremely intelligent person who is happy to listen to others and take their concerns seriously. I can't think of anyone who would be better for this position for DeKalb County parents and their children."