About Andrew

Andrew Ziffer

  • A local dad who has lived in Dunwoody for 13 years and Chamblee for the prior 12 years.

  • A corporate and small business professional with a background in Information Technology, real estate investment, and commercial property management.

  • An active volunteer and leader in local and regional school issues since his daughter was in kindergarten.

  • A carpool dad.

  • A neighbor, school volunteer, and school community leader.

  • A career problem solver, corporate professional, and small business owner.



Why Andrew?

District 1 schools (Dunwoody, Chamblee, Doraville, and Brookhaven) are setting records for the most overcrowded schools in DeKalb County.

  • District 1 needs a relationship builder and problem solver to work with fellow Board Members, the Superintendent and parents for real change. There is more than a decade of deferred maintenance and improperly planned growth in our schools AND THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!

  • District 1 needs DCSD to restore faith in its operations and fiscal management.  Trust is low and the system will not be successful until the right leadership restores that faith.

  • District 1 needs new processes that put absolute fiscal responsibility and transparency in place. Both successes and missteps should be communicated to the community.

We need new leadership. The DeKalb County School District has very clear challenges: school overcrowding, deferred facility maintenance, and a general distrust by the community.

We need a problem solver - someone who will represent Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, and Dunwoody - who will roll up their sleeves, dive deep into issues, and solve problems.

We need someone who can build positive, successful, working relationships with fellow members of the school board and DCSD staff so our concerns are heard and addressed.